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How Steph Curry Carries the Bible with Him On and Off the Court

To say that LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers got outplayed by the Warriors in the first three games of the 2017 NBA finals would be a serious understatement. One thing we know is certain: Golden State is tough to beat when Stephen Curry finds his groove.

From a guy who many thought was too little to play at the highest level to becoming the league’s most valuable player, Curry’s journey has been one propelled by hard work and dedication.

Some years back, Alan Stein attended the inaugural Kobe Bryant Nike Skills Academy and noticed something unusual about Curry.  In a YouTube video recapping the event, Alan noted that it was Curry’s habits and work ethic that shined brighter than any other player’s talent.  Before each session, Curry had already drained 100 – 150 shots and was in a full sweat by the time his peers hit the floor.

For Curry, success is not an accident, it’s a choice. But there is much more that separates the 6’3’’ all-star point guard from the rest and it’s his faith in Jesus!

Steph Curry was raised in Charlotte, N.C., by Christian parents who began every morning with a required family devotional time before school.  As a result, Stephen Curry has developed into solid man of God, one who never shies away about sharing his faith.

Sometimes while on the basketball court, Curry points his index finger upward as an outward sign and reminder that God gets all the glory for his success.

But regardless of his health or how he plays on any given night, Curry remains rooted in one of his favorite Bible verses – Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

It’s not too often that we get to see athletes bring the Bible out on the court, but that’s exactly what Stephen Curry does each game through his trademark shoe with Under Armour.

In an interview with Decision, Steph acknowledged that, “Obviously, there’s a lot of hoopla and fanfare that follows you wherever you go, but I know where my talent comes from. I know why I play the game, and it’s not to score 30 points a night, but it’s to use the stage I’m on. I’ve been put here for a specific purpose: to be a witness and to share my testimony as I go through it.”

Juan Garcia 

Source: CBN


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